Steve Parker of Capital Clearance Group warded after ski vacation in Switzerland.

New York (NY) – On January 6, 2018, Chief Investment Officer Steve Parker of Capital Clearance Group has been warded after a ski accident in Switzerland during his vacation. Accordingly to sources, his is now in critical condition and is ward under intensive care unit.

The current situation has affected trading price of Combined Asset Securitization Note, which is the 6 notes released by Capital Clearance Group. Note Price has fallen USD$0.38 to the Initial Offering Price of USD$1.00.

Capital Clearance Group is a company which focus mainly in the Securitization Market with a track record of 10 years till date with the lastest Note issued with a total of 20 Billion Notes.

This incident has triggered a major acquisition from other financial organisation. Market Analyst strongly believe that this acquisition is a statement of confidence with Capital Clearance Group from the financial market as it’s a company has a strong proven track record with more than 9 years with a total asset note with net worth of USD$1.95 Trillion. We forecast a strong buying sentiments of the 6th Note as market analyst has reported that the Asset backed Securitization note (6th Note) has a net worth of minimum USD$32 Billion by the last quarter of 2018.

Mr Micheal Ashley (Chief Executive Officer) of Capital Clearance Group has mentioned in a press release that this incident has cause a price glitch in the 6th note, however it does not affect the Note Price for 2018 as it is backed with a low risk package formulated with risk adverse instruments, Note Price shall gain traction and will achieved a minimum of USD$ 1.90 by the last quarter of 2018.

11:32AM (New York Time)

January 8, 2018